“Real Talk” with Marissa & Bec from Twice Blessed
The beautiful and quirky Marissa and Bec from Twice Blessed chat with FBO about their current must haves, all things 2017 and their next blogging chapter!

Firstly, we want to say that we’re absolutely obsessed with your style here at For Bloggers Only HQ, how early on did you find your love of fashion? Being twins, mum always love dressing us up in cute little outfits, so I’d say we loved fashion and ‘dressing up’ from a very young age. When we started working in retail it really ignited a stronger passion for styling and putting outfits together.

What was the defining moment that made you want to start a fashion blog? It was our last semester of university doing our degree in Marketing when we really decided to give blogging and the fashion industry a go. And the rest is history!
Blogging seems like the most glamorous job in the world, is that really so? Definitely not, haha! It’s easy to see that on paper (or Instagram feed) it look curated and pretty, but it really is hard work and very un-glamorous at times. Getting changed in your cramped car for a photoshoot with passers-by staring at you is definitely not a perk! However in saying that, there are a lot of things which we’re very lucky to be a part of and definitely makes all the hard work worth while!
You guys have an edge, given that there’s two of you, and that you compliment each other so beautifully (being twins certainly helps!) Was starting a blog together rather than separately a deliberate business decision? Oh 100% There is no way we would have done this separately. Not only is our point of difference the fact that we are twins, we work really well together and know that neither of us would have been as successful separately as we are together. Our strengths and weaknesses balance out really well, so we make the perfect team!
Would you say that your style is inline with each others or does it differ substantially? We do definitely keep to similar styles, however we somehow manage to rock it differently. No matter how hard I (Marissa) try, even if I’m wearing all of Becs clothes, I still don’t look as ‘cool’ or edgy as she does in them. The same goes if she is wearing an outfit of mine, she doesn’t manage to look as feminine or classic as I do in them. It’s funny how personalities can change identical outfits!
You guys have recently started a YouTube Channel, tell us a little bit about that? Yes we did! Being in Marketing we are all about continually growing and evolving in this industry. We know that if we want to improve and move forward we can’t stay the same. Adding Youtube was not only a way for us to showcase more of our goofy personality (as our Instagram feed is so curated and manicured), but also a platform for us to have more of a voice and for people to ‘hear’ us rather than just see us 😉
What does 2017 entail for Twice Blessed? A lot of reflection and a lot of growth. We really want to continually improve the platforms we have, but also our skill sets to empower us to do more. We want to get into more hosting and teaching spaces for Social Media, Fashion and Marketing so building our skill-sets in those areas is a focus for 2017.
Speaking of 2017, what are your New Year’s Resolutions and do you have some tips on keeping them? Mmmmmm…I think NY Resolutions are so difficult because barely anyone keeps them (including us haha). However this year Bec and I are focussing on being more bold about our Faith and what drives us. Keeping that is all about your personal discipline and building daily habits (so they become ruintine).
What advice would you give to bloggers who are just starting out? Find your own space in the industry. There is no point copying or replicating someone else’s style and aesthetic unless you’re going to be better than them or you’ve got something else to bring to the table. Find your niche, and build your community with authentic, original content. You’ll grow naturally from there!
What are your top tips for taking an AMAZING instagram photo? Good lighting!! It’s almost impossible to edit or create great content without it.
And lastly, what we’re all absolutely dying to know, what are your top 10 must haves this season? Being summer, can we say minimal clothing? Haha. But seriously, our key pieces to buy this season would be some good denim shorts, and we’re not talking about the booty shorts.
1. Some vintage Levi shorts can never do you wrong.
2. Statement belt (to be worn with said shorts for the ultimate ‘I just chucked this together look’
3. Crisp white shirt
4. Round sunglasses (Rayban have the ultimate pair at the moment)
5. Cross Body bag with metal hard wear (silver if you’re a silver gal, and gold if you’re a gold one)
6. Statement sandals, with a bit of bling
7. Well-fitting bikinis
8. Wrap skirt. Perfect for your beach-to-bar days
9. Strapless Bustier top (for those days when wearing a bra is too much hassle)
10. Silk Pj sets. They’ll keep you perfectly cool at night, but can also double for in-season separates for going out (winning)!
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