All things Quintessentially Shhalex

We had a chat to one of our favourite bloggers @Shhalex_ about her weekends, her hair and the one thing she simply can’t live without!

FBO: First of all, we are absolutely obsessing over your hair, tell us, how do you maintain such a dramatic colour and what are some of your favourite hair care products?

Alex: By having a boss hairdresser! And a great purple shampoo, my favourite is the Matrix ‘So Silver’. I have a full post on my hair over at

FBO: What made you decide to start blogging?

Alex: I needed an outlet. It’s fun to document parts of my life and watch how my creativity evolves. Plus I get to learn! It keeps my mind stimulated.

FBO: What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out?

Alex: Have a clear direction, set mini goals and don’t second-guess yourself!

FBO: Give us some tips to take the perfect instagram photo?

Alex: Lighting, lighting, lighting! And confidence!

FBO: What are your top picks for summer must haves this season?

Alex: With all the weather changes that Melbourne goes through, my go to skincare product has been Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee mask. Amazing. I also can’t stop buying sneakers and cute jumpsuits. There is just something about Converse that just calls my name…

FBO: What’s something that we would never guess about you?

Alex: I’m a tiny human, coming in at 4”11. Nearly every person I’ve met has said ‘I thought you were going to be taller!”

FBO: Do you have a day job, and if so, what do you do?

Alex: I do and I actually dig my day job! I’m a Property Manager at a boutique Real Estate Agency that also works alongside a Property Development company.

FBO: What does a typical weekend in the life of Alex entail?

Alex: Brunches with friends, way too many cuddles with my cat and my boyfriend always snapchatting my unfortunate events haha!

FBO: What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Alex: I think it would be New York, but I am yet to visit so my answer to that question is still pending!

FBO: What’s one thing that you can’t live without? Family. And my cat. Alex: My cat is still part of the family but she deserves a special mention ^__^