Wildflower Swimwear

Wild Flower Sun Hat

$95.00 Gift for post

It is a condition of obtaining gifts from our brands, that each item must be used to create Social Media content within 3 weeks of receiving your items. @forbloggersonly and @wildflowerswimwear must be tagged in both the caption and the image.


  • Do not pinch the crown or it will start cracking over time, preferably handle it by the brims and gently using both hands.
  • Keep it away from the rain, the natural fibers are not waterproof. Still, if you see or feel the fibers a bit dry they will need some humidity, use a little bit of steam if this happens.
  • To clean it, use a soft brush or a moist piece of cloth for stains.
  • We do not recommend rolling up the hats because it has been blocked and shaped already.