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Future+ Seamless High Waisted Sport Leggings In White

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Future+ Seamless High Waisted Sport Leggings In White

High Waisted Sport Leggings. These leggings will take your training to the next level.
Feel good, confident and without restraints during your workout, as Squatproof Future+ Seamless High Waisted Sport Legging is designed with seamless technology to maximize your movement and shape while keeping comfort in mind.
With 4-way stretch material, nothing stops you.

Whether it is weight lifting, jogging or intense yoga identify, Future+ Seamless High Waisted Sport Legging makes sure that you feel good and you look your best.

Ideal for leisure and workout. Extremely flexible, soft and comfortable material. Seamless material is 4-way stretch and is manufactured with the latest technology that makes garments stretchable, lightweight, quick drying and durable. In addition to comfort, functionality, design and fit, Seamless material has less impact on the global environment by minimizing production losses.